Wine O’Clock: Viñedos Emiliana Organic Vineyard

Wine O'Clock: Emiliana Organic Vinyards

I’ve tried my fair share of organic wine and I understand why they often receive sour reviews. Some are far too bitter, some too dry, and some are just not very good. That’s why I’m excited to share my favourite organic wines and vineyards with you!

First up is my current fav, Viñedos Emiliana from San Antonio Valley in Chile. Emiliana is a vineyard dedicated to organic and biodynamic growing practices, which means the grapes they grow are sans pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Not only do their agricultural practices help produce a higher quality grape (and in turn wine), but they help bring natural balance back to the soil through regenerative cultivation, in turn, healing our precious mother earth.

This vineyard also participates in many Social Responsibility Programs that help ethically employ local workers. Two of these programs include growing olive trees along the vineyards roadsides to help keep dust to a minimum, and beekeeping which helps with natural pollination throughout the vineyard. The olives are pressed into olive oil and the honey is collected and sold in the vineyards store. Local workers benefit from the sale of these products and the winery itself benefits from the contribution their workers invest in natural agricultural practices.

Want to learn more about Emiliana’s organic and biodynamic farming practices? Be sure to check out their Interactive Vinyard, a totally rad page on their website!

To top things off Emiliana’s wines are vegan, which means no animal products (including honey) are used in the fermentation or finishing of the wine. And no, not all wine is vegan. In fact, a large majority of wine contains animal products (egg and honey in particular) and/or use animal products/parts during processing, but I’ll save these details for a different post.

With such dedication and care going into their grapes, it’s no wonder they produce some damn delicious organic wine!


What are my absolute favourite wines right now?

Novas Gran Reserva (Top Pick)

Carmenere/Cabernet Sauvignon

This red wine is velvety smooth with a cherry and strawberry fruity sweetness, but it’s not overly sweet as notes of chocolate and pepper cut the sweetness beautifully. (I’m not a fan of overly sweet wine). I hope to try some of the other Novas grape blends soon, I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Adobe Reserva

I also enjoy Emiliana’s Adobe Reserva line. This line is slightly cheaper than the Novas line, both of which are under $20 in Canada, an amazing price point for the quality.

Reds I enjoy:

Adobe Cabernet Sauvignon
Adobe Malbec
Adobe Syrah (probably my fav of the reds)

Whites I enjoy:

Adobe Rosé
Adobe Chardonnay

Hmmm, anyone want to take a trip to Chili?? 🙂

Look for more profiles of my favourite vineyards and post about organic wine practices coming soon.


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