My Favourite Online Green Beauty Shops

If you’ve checked out my favourite green face care products and read my “What is Green Beauty?” post then you already know the importance of using toxin-free skin care products, but it’s also important to know where to find these amazing products. So, let’s get to the fun part, shopping!

I buy most of my green beauty products online or at my local health food store. While more and more big box, drug, and department stores are introducing green products into their inventory (yay, progress!), many of these stores still carry product lines that are chock-full of toxins. Which is why I’m sharing a list of my favourite online green beauty stores. Best of all, all of the sites below are Canadian which means they’re in Canadian dollars, woohoo!

I’ve purchased products from all of these shops and have never been disappointed. I absolutely love their passion for promoting toxin-free products all while helping to keep our bodies green, clean and looking fabulous!


Where to buy green beauty products online:

Happy Shopping everyone!!


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4 years ago

thank you for this amazing article this helps me a lot

4 years ago

Good helpful article thank you