My Favourite Green Face Care Products

My Fav Green Face Care Products

I’m so excited to share my favourite green face care products. I’ve been telling my family and friends about these products for years and it’s high time I shared them with you!!

I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to beauty products, but I do love trying new products and ALWAYS make sure they’re green, clean, and toxin-free. So lets get started!


Green Cleanser

Pennylane Organics: Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover

This cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin and never leaves my face feeling tight or dry. Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E are combined to removed dirt and makeup effortlessly, leaving my skin refreshed, clean, and moisturized. To top thing off it’s available at an amazing price point of under $20! I usually buy this cleanser at


Green Toners

S.W. Basics: Toner

If you’re new to the green beauty world I highly recommend S.W. Basics. They use certified organic ingredients with a minimalist approach. In fact, all of the products are formulated to contain less than 5 ingredients!

This toner is no exception and I love that it’s perfect for all skin types. It contains raw apple cider vinegar which helps to even out skin tone and balance your skin’s pH (which also helps and fight acne). It’s price point comes in at under $30, win-win!

I like to shop for my S.W. Basic products online at Candian owned and operated Clementine Fields.

Communion Botanicals: Rose Gold Toner

I’m in love with every product I’ve tried so far from this local Nelson, BC company. Not only is their packaging to die for (The graphic designer in me is in love!), but their products are just as beautiful.

This rose gold toner is made with neroli and rose blossoms which are gentle and calming to both the skin and mood. This toner is the perfect way to start off my day. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed yet not dry, and it smells amazing!

You can find Communion Botanicals Rose Gold Toner at several local Nelson shops including Scout Clothing, the Kootenay Co-op, and online.


Green Oils & Serums

Communion Botanicals: Cellular Renewal Facial Serum

This product contains more ingredients than I would usually be happy with, but because of these ingredients purity I gave it a pass, and man was I happy I did! Thanks to 23 botanical actives and oils this facial serum is a luxurious way to balance skins moister levels, correct free radical damage, and reduce scarring & hyperpigmentation. I love that this serum is light and absorbent, I often wear it during the day under my makeup or in the evening for a quick pick-me-up under my eyes.

S.W. Basics: Oil Serum

This was the first oil/serum I ever tired. Like most people, I grew up thinking that oil was the ultimate skincare enemy, and slathering my face with it seemed extremely counter-intuitive. Little did I know that the right kinds of oils are amazing for our skin. Contrary to popular belief they can help balance out our skins oil production, helping to clear up acne, eczema and oily or dry skin issues. Who woulda thought?!

S.W.’s oil serum is a little heavier than the Communion Botanicals serum so I usually use it at night to really soak in all in and replenish my dry skin. This stuff works so great that I don’t even need to moisturize in the morning! If there’s one face care product I can’t live without, this would be it! Find it here!


Green Face Cream

DIY Hydrating Face Cream

You can always find a jar of my homemade face cream in my bathroom cabinet or toiletry bag. If you have dry skin, need protection from cold windy winters, or if you forget to reapply your sunscreen and end up looking like a lobster at the end of a hot summer day, this is the cream for you. It’s super rich and moisturizing and best of all it won’t clog your pores. To get the recipe click here!


Green Exfoliants

Communion Botanicals: Fennel + Clay Unveil Face Polish

This is the best facial exfoliant I’ve used to date. It’s soft, gentle and not too abrasive like some exfoliants can be, and it contains minimal ingredients that are all certified organic. I like to mix this polish with my Pennylane Cleanser to work double duty exfoliating and cleansing at the same time!


Green Spot Treatment

Communion Botanicals: Blue Tansy Spot Treatment

To be honest, I’d never used a spot treatment until I tried this one, and I think I was missing out. (Thanks to my friend Alyssa for the recommendation!) I’m not sure if all spot treatments work as well as this one does, but either way, this shit is the bomb! It dries out existing pimples fast and eliminates those pesky evil ones that you can feel festering under the surface of your skin before they turn into a full-blown zit. Who doesn’t love that!


Green Lips

I love a good lip balm. Being in the outdoors often and having dry sensitive skin makes lip balm a must. They also happen to be one of the most ingested beauty products we use (along with lipstick), which means that finding organic, non-toxic brands is imperative. Right now I’m enjoying Communion Botanicals Marshmallow and Cardamon Lip Care (the smell is to die for), Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Shimmer, and Rocky Mountain Soap‘s Lip Butter.


Want to learn more about green beauty? Check out this blog post!

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