My Favourite Green Cleaning Products

My Favourite Green Cleaning Products

I’m not going to lie, finding green cleaning products that work and that I’m happy with has been a bit of a journey for me. (Journey [jur-nee} verb, defined as; taking waaay too long and way too much money.) And that’s why I am sharing my favourite products with you, in the hopes that my “journey” will save you both precious time and money!

My favourite cleaning product brand to date is Sapadilla, they’re eco-friendly, they smell amazing, they work, and they’re Canadian! Their line includes several products, but my faves are the countertop spray, liquid dish soap and all-purpose cleaner.

Laundry detergent has always been a pain for me, literally! Most detergents leave me with a breakout of itchy hives or a burning rash, so I often stick to plain old baking soda. But for more soiled items I like to use The Honest Company’s Oxy Boost – it’s one of the only detergents I found that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Now, on to one of the cleaning categories that has been the bain of my existence for many years… dishwasher soup. Yes, that’s right, dishwasher soup – one of the main characters in my fore mentioned “journey” to green cleaning. If you’ve attempted to switch over to eco-friendly dishwasher soap then you probably know what I mean. Some leave a soapy scum, some leave streaks, some leave your dishwasher looking like a bomb went off inside of it, and others just straight up don’t work! That being said, I finally found Bio-Vert Automatic Dishwasher Tabs and haven’t looked back since. Trust me they work!

My other go-to items are my DIY Glass & Window Cleaner, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. These items can be used for a myriad of cleaning situations and are super versatile.

And last, but not least, I like to use an eco-friendly and pet-friendly toilet bowl cleaner. Because you never know when your furry friend might decide to take a dip or sip in the toilet. I don’t have one in particular brand that I use all the time, but am enjoying The Honest Company’s Honest Toilet Cleaner right now.

Happy, healthy cleaning everyone!

My Favourite Green Cleaning Products

| Sapadilla Counter Spray | Sapadilla All Purpose Cleaner | Sapadilla Dish Soap |
| DIY Glass Cleaner | Bio-Vert Automatic Dishwasher Tabs | Baking Soda |
| Honest Co. Oxy BoostHonest Co. Toilet Cleaner | Lemongrass Essential Oil |

tip Sprouted Tip: I’m lucky enough to find most of my favourite cleaning supplies at my local health food store, but I also love shopping for eco-friendly and non-toxic products on The Detox Market Canada and They carry the above products and they’re Canadian!

Note: I may receive compensation as an affiliate from some (not all) of the online stores that are linked to in this blog post. All opinions are my own and I really just love these products and stand behind the online stores that sell them! Keep up the green clean everyone!


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