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What is Holistic Nutrition?

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Holistic Nutrition Focuses on…

A NATURAL approach to healthy eating and living. In holistic nutrition, we consider each individual as a whole, including all aspects of their lifestyle — mind, body, and soul.

The mainstream medical system can often miss the mark when it comes to the importance that lifestyle and nutrition have on our health. Some of the most common health problems of our time (ie. heart disease, diabetes, IBS) can be controlled, if not eliminated, with the proper diet and lifestyle changes.


Eating Whole Foods – Real Food!

So what do I mean by whole foods? I mean REAL food, the stuff grown from the earth, the stuff with a little dirt on it.

Dirt washes away, and in some cases can even provide us with much-needed vitamins and minerals, but the chemicals and preservatives found in packaged foods don’t wash away as easily (if at all). These toxins can accumulate in our bodies contributing to a number of undesirable health issues.

Eating a whole foods diet is one of the key components of healthy living, for real! So skip the packaged, pre-made, and processed foods and eat something REAL.


A Wellness Based Approach

I like to use the word WELLNESS to describe my approach because I feel that the scope of holistic nutrition covers so much more than just food. I enjoy looking into several aspects of everyday life to see if there is anything that can be modified to promote a healthier environment for my clients. This can include learning about environmental and chemical toxins found in beauty products, common household furnishings, cookware, cleaning products, your work environment, and even your drinking water.

I also incorporate and discuss mind-body practices like breathing techniques, physical activity, emotional stress reduction, self-care, and all things wellness-related!