DIY: Glass & Window Cleaner

Back when I was a little girl my mom would use water and vinegar to clean our windows and hardwood floors, a concept I found rather strange being there was a whole aisle of flashy cleaning products available at the store. I mean why wouldn’t she want to use these cool looking items that seemed so official?

Flash forward 20 some years and I totally get where my mom was coming from. Why would she buy an overpriced cocktail of chemicals when inexpensive vinegar did the trick just as well, if not better? Not to mention vinegar is WAY better for the planet and our health.

So with a little research, trial and error, and inspiration from my mom; I found a water to vinegar ratio that I think is perfect for cleaning glass and windows. I’ve even used it on my stainless steel appliances and to spray down the shower. Talk about a fantastic all-around cleaner!

The acetic acid in vinegar helps to disinfect and fight mould, grease and bacteria; making it the perfect cleaner for grimy messes. It also works as a deodorizer and when combined with peppermint essential oil you get an extra boost of freshness – without the harsh chemicals that are used in synthetic fragrances. Peppermint is also antibacterial, giving this little cleaner an extra boost of cleaning power.

Glass & Window Cleaner
1 Cup Water
¾ Cup White Vinegar
10 – 20 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
Spray Bottle

Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle and give it a good shake. Use on windows, glass, mirrors and even stainless steel appliances.

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