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What is Holistic Nutrition?

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I Love Food!

Even when I’m not in the kitchen I find myself daydreaming up new recipes and planning out what to cook for dinner. This love for food combined with my passion for healthy living led me to pursue an education and career in holistic nutrition.

When I’m not dreaming about food you can find me paddleboarding on a lake, snowboarding in the mountains, hiking through the forest, or tending to my garden — because my love of food doesn’t stop at cooking!


Let’s Work Together

One size doesn’t fit all.
You’re a unique individual, and what works for your best friend or co-worker might not be what works for you. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I take an all-encompassing and individualized approach to your health and nutrition needs.

This means that we will work TOGETHER and look at your lifestyle as a whole — including mind, body and soul — to create a personalized nutrition and wellness plan that’s as unique as you are.


My Approach

My approach to nutrition and wellness is based on delicious whole foods, tasty recipes, stress management, and building healthy lifestyle habits to support your overall health. I provide personalized, unique nutrition plans and recommendations for each of my clients based on your medical history, lifestyle, current health, and future goals. Whether you’re battling an autoimmune disease, constantly feel exhausted and don’t know why, are wanting to shed a few extra pounds, or are looking to learn more about healthy eating and living in general, I’ve got you covered!

By working together you will learn the skills needed to take your health into your own hands and live your most healthful life.


Lindsy lives in Nelson, BC surrounded by the natural beauty of the West Kootenay’s, local organic farms, and an ever-growing health food community. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, food stylist and photographer, and the creator of Sprouted-Health.com.