I’m Lindsy, Holistic Nutritionist in training, lover of nature, animals, and of course delicious whole food!

My journey into holistic nutrition was a slow organic process, kind of like a mini evolution over time. An evolution that brought me and food to where we are today…

I’ve always had a love of food, anything from cheese and pasta, to seafood and cake, was fair game. That was until my early 20’s when my stomach started to act up. Having a crazy family history of gastrointestinal issues, including Crohn’s and Colitis, this was a big wake-up call.

That’s when I decided to ditch the processed food and starting buying what I like to call “real food“. I swapped bottled salad dressing for homemade olive oil bases creations, kicked my favourite pre-made Alfredo pasta sauce to the curb in favor of making it from scratch, and slowly with time my whole foods, real food, pantry started to expand.

From my mid 20’s on I turned into a total food nerd. If I wasn’t finding new recipes online or buying waaayy to many new cookbooks, I was researching the physical, mental, emotional and environmental impact the industrialized food system has on us and our planet. I just couldn’t get enough… I was a woman obsessed!

Fast forward to today. My whole foods pantry is bursting full of nutritious real food, and I’m currently following my passion and studying to become a certified Holistic Nutritionist. Why? Because I want real answers, not just a trendy article telling me what top 5 foods I should (or shouldn’t) be eating this week…

So there’s the short version of my not-so-short journey to whole health. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to learn and share my passion for holistic nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle from the inside out!